Victor Gutierrez-Velez

Principal Investigator (Temple University)

Geographer and ecologist with experience in the use of Earth Observation data, remote sensing methods and modeling to characterize landscape changes and the role of climatic and anthropogenic drivers on environmental change.

Maria Cecilia Londoño Murcia

Co-Investigator (von Humboldt Institute)

Biologist with research experience in the development of biodiversity spatial analysis for supporting decision making.

Wilson Lara Henao

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Temple University)

Ecologist with expertise on the understanding of responses of terrestrial ecosystems to land use and climate change.

Lina Maria Estupiñan-Suarez

Co-Investigator (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry)

Biologist with expertise on Earth Observation Science. Her expertise includes the use of time series Earth Observation data to characterize ecosystem dynamics and change detection.

Miguel Mahecha

Co-Investigator (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry)

Ecologist and Earth scientist working in the use of Earth Observations and biogeochemical modeling for characterizing climatic extremes and ecosystem function. Dr Mahecha is the leader of the research group on empirical inference of the Earth System.

Jeronimo Rodriguez

Investigator (Temple University)

Use of GIS and remote sensing to map and monitor land cover and land use change. Integration of methods and frameworks from the social, ecological and economic sciences to understand drivers of land acquisition and cropland expansion in tropical regions and consequences for the sustainability of the landscape.